There are some who will criticize this book for being non-linear. For lacking a single coherent thread that runs through it.

Me. I am the coherent thread.

Each chapter is a view of who I am. Some views are quick, others are quite extensive.

There’s no way to decompose me in a single straight line.

I made an intentional choice to reflect this aspect of me.

In this book, it’s a benefit. For the most part you could pick a random chapter and read it without having read the prefix.

I did this because it mimics how I think. I can and do hop around.

When working I struggle to work in a linear, piece by piece, fashion. Instead I keep different pieces to hop around. I work on one project until I’m blocked. I set it down and work on the next until I’m blocked. I don’t know how long the blocked pieces will take; I’m just doing the next-needed thing. Keep somewhere between three to five projects going: Blocks will disappear after lingering in my subconscious and allow progress seemingly out of nowhere.

This is how I naturally work.

This is how I have to work to be maximally productive.